Each and every one of us has an astounding capacity to generate harmony within ourselves and carry it out into the world.


Circles for the Earth (Live Stream)

Circles for the Earth is a monthly non-denominational healing circle for the earth. On the first Sunday of each month, at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, live online, we focus our attention on healing natural places that have been polluted, contaminated, or are experiencing the effects of climate change. You are invited to join Circles for the Earth in whatever way feels comfortable for you. For instance, you may be trained in Reiki or shamanic practices or you may simply pray, meditate, or send light. When you join, you can receive monthly updates on the work, a link each month to the live video conference, and an invitation to connect with other members and stay up to date.

Sunday, June 2, 2024
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific

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The Shamanic Journey (Hybrid)

The Shamanic Journeyis a method of accessing inner wisdom through a meditative state. It is derived from a practice done by the healers, or shamans, of indigenous shamanic cultures. It is performed to gain insight and effect healing, and has been a common practice of many indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. is an early pioneer of adapting the shamanic journey to a therapeutic practice. Her unique style of teaching the journey includes a process of inquiry that is transformative and helps students step fully into their own personal power. Counseling professionals will find this methodology useful in working with their clients.

Class Meetings
Saturday, June 8, at 9:00 am Pacific (up to 90 minutes)
Saturday, June 29, at 9:00 am Pacific (up to 90 minutes)

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Mesa Verde: Spirits of Earth and Sky (In Person Only)

Join us as we step back in time to a world of pinon pine and ancient sandstone cliff dwellings where we will explore the world of the Ancestral Puebloan people of Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is home to over 4,700 archaeological sites including 600 cliff dwellings. In this retreat, we will visit many of these remarkable places as we explore the world of the Ancient Puebloans. Working with the medicine wheel, the kachina traditions, and dipping into the world of archeoastronomy, we will seek to better understand our relationship to the earth, the universe, and ourselves.

June 16 – 20, 2024

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Summer Solstice Drum Circle (In Person and Live Stream)

We hold drumming circles to honor the season four times a year on the Solstice and Equinox. The focus of our circles is on healing for individuals, the community, and the earth.

Sunday, June 30, 2024
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

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Introduction to Depth Hypnosis (Live Stream)

Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. created the Depth Hypnosis Method to help people gain greater understanding of themselves and their unconscious motivations so that they can live happier more fulfilling lives. Drawing upon the healing techniques of shamanism, hypnotherapy, and energy medicine, as well as the principles of Buddhism and transpersonal psychology, this highly effective therapeutic model has helped thousands of people. In this workshop, you will gain tools for working with personal issues and bringing more power into your day-to-day interactions.

Wednesday, July 10
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm Pacific (8:00 pm – 9:30 pm Eastern)

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Plant Medicine: Preparing and Integrating the Experience (Hybrid)

The millennial age has brought a renewed interest in using psychoactive plants and fungi for therapeutic purposes. Join Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. to explore the use of plants and fungi like Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, San Pedro, and Iboga. This online workshop is designed specifically for those who are working with, considering working with, or simply interested in learning more about psychoactive plants. We will explore different kinds of plants, practices and settings for working with plants, and how to effectively integrate the experience with plant medicine. Counseling professionals will find this course useful for working with their clients.

Friday, July 26 at 5:00 pm Pacific (up to 90 minutes)

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Working with Dreams (Hybrid)

Dreams are messages from the higher self. When you learn to work with dreams you deepen your ability to access inner guidance and engage it in your waking life. This workshop teaches several methods of interpreting dreams, and helps people recognize the energetic patterns informing the symbols. Students will gain confidence in dream interpretation and understanding the unique language of their dreams. Counseling professionals will find these methodologies useful in working with their clients.

Saturday, July 27, at 9:00 am Pacific (up to 90 minutes)

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